Member: Doug Reinsch
Member: Barbara Hood
Member: Lisa Heckman

Mission Statement

The architectural control committee is made up of dedicated volunteers from our neighborhood who are interested in enhancing and protecting the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the land and every part thereof, within the Claybrook Subdivision.

The architectural control committee welcomes you to Claybrook. We will be happy to review any changes you desire to make to your home or landscaping.  Requests will be in written form, using the form provided in the documents section, and submitted to the architectural control committee for approval. You must receive written approval from the architectural control committee before commencing with project as outlined in the Declaration of Restrictions.

Please review the “DECLARATION OF RESTRICTIONS” that you received and agreed to uphold at closing. In particular, Article IV “Use Restrictions” and Article V “Building Restrictions and Architectural Control” are the two main areas that fall under our review.

For your convenience, a link to the “Request for Architectural Review” form is also provided below. Home additions or major projects require detailed information in accordance with Article V.

Architectural Control Form – Form can be found on Documents Page