Claybrook is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit homeowners association.  A board of five elected officers transact business on behalf of the Association.  Elected members serve two year terms, with two being elected one year and three in the odd year.  After each election cycle, board members meet and vote as to officer make up of the board for the coming year.  Two standing committees support activity of the board.  The architectural committee reviews all request for changes to housing/property exteriors (roofs, painting, permanent shrubbery, etc.) and reports results to the full board.  The Resident Welcome Committee serves to make contact with new residents, extend a welcome on behalf of current residents, and make themselves available to answer questions or provide assistance with settling in.  Current sitting officers, and committee members are as shown below.


Home Association Board Members

President:                                     Ed Heckman                                       660-258-8312         

Vice President:                            John Underhill                                       816-726-2392         
Treasurer:                                    Linda Webber                                      816-468-9389         
Secretary:                                     Cathy Cox                                            816-436-4096         
Member:                                       Barbara Hood                                     816-436-4353         

Member:                                       Tom Heleniak                                        816-468-5913         

Member:                                       Brad Werth                                          816-231-6673         

Architectural Control Committee Members

Member: Doug Reinsch
Member: Barbara Hood
Member: Lisa Heckman

New Resident Welcome Committee

Member:  Barbara Hood
Member:  Cathy Cox