Calendar of Events

May 28                                    Memorial Holiday week trash pick up date

May 30                                    Claybrook HOA Spring Dumpster Day (Household waste)

July 6-10                                 KCMO trash amnesty week (up to 15 bags of trash; does not include recycling, hazardous waste, etc.)

September 10                        Labor Day week trash pick up date

September 19                        HOA block Party

September 18 & 19               Claybrook HOA Fall Yard Sale

September 26                        Claybrook HOA Dumpster Day (Household waste)

October 31                             Claybrook HOA Leaf & Brush dumpster Day

November 12                         Veteran’s Day Week Trash pick up date



Gladstone Dispatch – For those who receive the Gladstone Dispatch but do not wish to receive it, please email and request your address be deleted from their distribution list.  Distribution is free and automatic.  They do not ask if you want it.  They just distribute.  If you do not wish to continue receiving a copy each Thursday, please contact the above email address.  If you continue receiving copies after that notification, please call 311 and complain of litter.



 Election of Board Members

Newly Elected Board Members:    Ed Heckman       Larry Newby      Brad Werth      Cathy Cox

Currently Serving Officers:              Barbara Hood                 Tom Heleniak

Date for Block Party     Saturday, September 19th


The board will pursue a potential hiking/biking/walking trail from the end of N.E. 79th St. through directly to Happy Rock Park.


The board worked on the following projects/activities on behalf of homeowners during the past year.

Yard Sales – The Association planned two yard sale events in the past year. The sale was advertised in local newspapers, and we shared scheduling with Shoal Creek II subdivision next door. Yard sales are scheduled in 2015 on May 15 & 16, and September 18 & 19.

Trash Pick Up – A Spring and Fall dumpster was scheduled to support spring cleaning and Fall debris elimination. A Fall leaf & brush dumpster was also scheduled. A trash dumpster will be scheduled in 2015 for May 30 and September 26. A leaf & brush dumpster will be scheduled for October 31st. We will also try and alert residents to the city provided pick up schedules. Residents are reminded to go to our web site and review items that can be recycled and what can’t be recycled. Items that can be recycled should not be placed in the trash dumpsters.

Tree Planting – The HOA had 18 trees planted along our streets during the past year, to replace dead trees and to fill in holes. This is the second major planting in the past three years as we recover from the drought of a couple years ago. A reminder, the Board nor the association is responsible for trees in the neighborhood, but has taken action to help maintain its beauty by investing in these tree replacements. Homeowners that abutt the tree planting locations need to do their part by watering them a bit while they take root.

Sign Repair – The HOA has recently finalized an agreement to have the downed Claybrook sign repaired and reinstalled. Made of limestone, we had some difficulty finding a vendor to do the work. Add in some cold weather, and things were delayed a while. We apologize for the delay. The work is expensive ($1,650 for the one sign).

Block Party – The HOA sponsored a Block Party on N. Norton Court again in 2014. Approximately 45 attended. We will discuss a date for a 2015 Block Party as well at our annual meeting.

Web Site Update – The HOA hired a web designer to help transition to newer, more user friendly software for our homeowner web site. It will provide easier updates and the ability to communicate quicker. We are also adding more content to be more informative and include information sharing. We solicit ideas for items/issues to include in the site. We are also working to move the account off Craig Leed’s account and onto its own account. We hope to incorporate the use of photos in each section of the web site, so if you have colorful pictures of the housing area please feel free to share with us, so we can continue to improve the looks of the web site and show off what a beautiful place we have to live.

Future Project – The board has been considering and exploring the idea of using the HOA common area at the end of N.E 79th Street to place a shelter, play area, or other use. This could include a tie in walking/hiking/biking trail that would connect with Happy Rock Park and possibly connect with 80th Street. Councilman Scott Wagner has discussed the idea with us and is supportive. We may be able to obtain PIAC city funded support for the project. We’ll need to get more formally organized, before proceeding. We need your feedback on the idea.

Covenant & Restrictions Enforcement – The Board has continued paying attention to the HOAs covenants & restrictions and assurance that residents adhere. Residents are encouraged to go to the homeowners’ web site, download a copy of the covenants & restrictions, and periodically review their contents. We appreciate the way residents have filled out the architecture form and shared with us prior to doing work on your exteriors.

Electronic Information Signs – The board researched the possibility of installing information signs at the two entries to our residential area, as a means of providing you fast, up to date information. Kansas City does not permit them. Discussions are currently underway about their use throughout the city, but there is no intent to allow them in residential areas. Residents nearby such signs may be adversely affected by the LED lights at night and during low visibility periods. The issue is really complex. We are looking at other ways to put out quick notes. We’re hoping that residents will start using the web site as the choice destination for short notice information.

HOA Directory – The HOA has updated your directory. With the new web site directory, you can also go online at any time to update your information or to look up other residents in Claybrook. The directory is not available to external web site visitors. We use that directory as our means of contacting you when we send out information, so please keep your email and phone address up to date.