Projects within the past 6 months:

Yard Sale – Thanks to all who participated in the May 15 & 16 yard sale, and made this one of the bigger one’s in recent history.

Tree Planting Project – The association worked with a local vendor to identify dead trees lining our streets, and in planning for cutting them down, grinding the stumps, and planting new trees. Residents were contacted to agree to water new trees in front of their property as a means of sustaining initial growth.  Seventeen (17) trees were planted.  Visitors routinely compliment the greenery along our residential streets, and the family friendly appearance it provides.

Trash Dumpster/Leaf & Brush Dumpster – A dumpster was provided in October, to facilitate disposal of residential waste in the Fall.  A leaf and brush dumpster was also provided to facilitate disposal of tree pruning, leafs and other yard waste.  The association pays to have a large dumpster placed at a specific location for use by all Claybrook residents, for waste disposal.  A separate dumpster is also brought in to provide leaf and brush disposal.  Electronics, fluids, and metals are not disposed of in these dumpsters.  for those items, residents are requested to look on the City website and make arrangements for city  pick up according to their instructions.

Upcoming/Potential Projects

Biking/Jogging/Walking Trail – We are also looking at a project to create a walking & jogging hub at the same point as above, joining with Happy Rock Park and possibly housing just north of Happy Rock toward N. Brighton Ave.  the project would provide a continuous access for biking, jogging, and walking around the immediate neighborhood.  We would qualify for Kansas City neighborhood PIAC funds to help complete the project.  We will discuss this at the annual homeowners association meeting.

HOA Block Party – September 19